Permanent bondage - 🧡 Video: This babe gets off putting the family jewels under lock and key

Permanent bondage

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Getting Your Husband Pierced for Male Chastity

Bondage permanent

Bondage permanent

Reaching down to the tray with his spare hand the Doctor picked up another piece of apparatus and held it in her mouth.

  • But a device secured with a piercing is as secure a chastity device as you're ever going to get, simply because the penis is held prisoner with a metal pin actually passing through the flesh.

  • Later I was taken for a cycle.

Zoë tried to protest but soon realized that, once again, there was little she could do.

  • The one I've seen is smooth, although there are apparently some available which are covered with sharp ridges.

  • Over her shoulders the ropes were pulled tight and wrapped about Karen's crossed wrists, cinched and knotted then brought again in front, pulled as tightly as she could and tied off under Karen's breasts.

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