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Religious traditions, and religiously-derived laws, frowning on sodomy long kept not only anal play both taboo and, technically, illegal in much of the nation.

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  • Sometimes I wear a condom, sometimes not.

She took her time and I learned that I thoroughly enjoyed it as a way to increase my sexual pleasure and there was no looking back from it for me.

  • B2M Productions Getty Images It is hard to know for sure, points out sex educator and anal expert , how much these figures capture an actual increase in the prevalence of anal play, and how much they just capture an increased openness to talking about pre-existing anal practices.

  • As an aside, I love the feeling of fullness from anal play so sometimes, when my husband is in my vagina, I will put a medium plug in which presses a bit on my vagina and greatly increases the feeling of my husband in me.

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