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Yes, but not in the typical sense.

  • I really want to know what happened to her for the last thirteen years and how did she become the leader of the rebellion force.

  • I also have a soft and sweet side and am a big fan of role play, corporal punishment, spanking, cross-dressing, height comparisons, etc.

What is a turn-off for you? What is a turn-off for you? I'm going to keep that between me and him.

  • Can all these deaths be attributed to the influence of the adult entertainment industry on performers' lives, or does it merely take a backseat as other circumstances contribute to the tragic way in which these actors' lives ended? Below, we've recounted ten tales of adult entertainers who have met tragic endings to not only their careers, but also their lives.

  • She had prescription medication given for a urinary tract infection at the home when she died, according to the report.

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