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This sexy mid-20s gal was alot of fun for me! He didn't even know I did this until later but I started them up again and used my ver.

  • One day we were were out on a date and I got up the courage to tell her about my foot fetish.

  • Of course, we weren't finished.

So you all might have seen my FootJobVirgin film that I shot during Fetishcon 2016 with this Brazilian Bombshell Stefania and if you pay attention you will see that I really messed it up.

  • Finally a place where you can walk up to any cute girl and have a pretty good chance at getting her feet in your hands! And when I offered her a chance to give her first footjob for the whole world to see she figured why not! While shaking, I went to the living room and say: -hey, I need your help with something.

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