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Who love fat guys

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How to Get Rid of Love Handles (for Men): 14 Steps (with Pictures)

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How To Give Great Head To Your Man Like You Mean It

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How to Lose Your Love Handles

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How to Lose Belly Fat (for Men): 14 Steps (with Pictures)

Guys who love fat

Guys who love fat

There are a few shortcuts you can take to get rid of love handles, but they're extreme, and not something that we'd generally recommend.

  • Men are proud to provide for a woman, whereas women hate that role Throughout human history, men have always been the gender who provided food, shelter and protection for women.

  • We feel far more comfortable with flab because it's less threatening.

The theory is that if you focus all of your attention on one specific area in your training for instance, doing hundreds of crunches for you midsection , you'll be able to burn off the fat in just that area.

  • So even if you have a little D, there's always that.

  • Many studies show that foods high in sugar are typically stored around the stomach area and can worsen the looks of love handles.

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