Jess and max - 🧡 Love Island winners Jess and Max confess they’re NOT REALLY IN LOVE

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Who won Love Island series one, are Jess Hayes and Max Morley still together now and who else was in the show?

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Meet the MAX Speaker: Study with Jess

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Walking up the aisle with my dad to meet Max was very special with all of our family and friends watching on.

  • Jess: after a few dates in it felt different to anything in the past.

  • We both wanted to have a big party, that was relaxed and fun with all our favourite people in one room.

The guys just threw each other into the tub, clothes and all, and starting making out.

  • However, their relationship ended in September 2018.

  • I went to a few big dress shops by myself and tried on lots of things to get a feel of what I liked by myself.

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