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Photo of Melania Trump in a thong and bra runs next to Michelle Obama in dress and pearls

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And in Melania's case, taking care of the diamonds she has inherited in this photoshoot as she chills in the Boeing.

  • But instead of being celebrated by some netizens, they opted to lambast Melania.

  • We're speechless in this one.

So we doubt Cardi cares too much what DeAnna thinks.

  • Remember when Republicans complained about Michelle Obama's arms? Some felt that the First Lady was dressed too casually for the portrait and should have worn sleeves while others celebrated how toned her arms looked in the dress.

  • Still, is it any wonder that his campaign might want to create a diversion? The First Lady's decision to wear shorts during the summer while on vacation or doing day-to-day tasks outside her official White House duties also bothered Lussier.

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